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A CRM system that allows you to manage your organization Payroll & HR related functions through your browser. It’s simple, cost effective and highly functional, giving your human resource management staff the power to easily manage employees’ Database.

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At Powered Management Services, we give organizations the flexibility to boost their business growth and enhance their effectiveness through measured performance. With our CRM and Payroll processing, we ensure organizations are effectively utilizing their human resources while avoiding needless costs and logistic problems. Cost-effective and highly reliable, our cloud-powered platform ensures our clients stay on top of their competitors in even the toughest industries by properly leveraging technology to fuel business growth.

A Powerful HR & Payroll Solution

As we aim to be your go-to solution for HR issues and related problems, wealways strive to deliver quality results above and beyond typical expectations.

We offer a vast and easily accessible online database system that will help you congregate your company details into one place within minutes. Our system works through an online platform that is accessible from all internet browsers and requires no additional software or plug-in installation. Apart from storing employee profiles and company documents, our platform can also store and maintain payroll records, attendance records and documents like passports and visas.

Our online platform is entirely secure, with regular backups and numerous security checks in place to keep your critical information safe. It also boasts a cleverly designed access control system. We realize that not all documents in a company should be accessible to all employees and therefore restrict access to critical documents unless granted authorization by an executive.

Through the Powered Management Services Platform you can: 

Cutting-Edge WPS Payroll Services for you unlimited freedom

Our cutting-edge WPS Payroll Services ensure that you never have to worry about any money-transferring issues again. Our payroll management servicesallow you unlimited balance enquiries, free unlimited cash withdrawals from Payroll providers / Partner banks and instant access through thousands ATMs.

Our Insurance services include: 

Finally, by utilizing our Premium Package Solutions, you also gain access to the following FREE services: 

Cutting-Edge Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management services offer you full CRM system access and comprehensive details of all customer-related affairs like billings, invoices, taxes and more.  Our account systems come equipped with the provision to generate instant reports with ease. Managing all interactions between your organization and your current or future customers becomes easier than ever before through proper application of modern technology and our own extensive expertise on the field of CRM solutions.

On top of the above, the benefits of utilizing Power Management Services don’t end there.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of our services. Feel free to contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to help you realize your business goals and help you succeed: