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A CRM system that allows you to manage your organization Payroll & HR related functions through your browser. It’s simple, cost effective and highly functional, giving your human resource management staff the power to easily manage employees’ Database.

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What is Powered Management Services?

Powered Management Services is a cloud-based HR management and payroll management platform that allows organizations to eliminate the need of installing different ERPs and in-house servers. Not only Power Management Services save you from numerous expenses, but is also a lot more reliable and easy to use than any in-house platform.

What are cloud-based services, and how they can help my organization?

Cloud-based services incorporate a wide range of modern online solutions that utilize the power of cloud computing to store and transmit data instantly across any platform. With cloud computing, all servers are operated remotely, eliminating the need for on-premised installation, backups are conducted through the cloud, and all software and critical business data is secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime. With a cloud-based server powering your organization, you and your employees can enjoy limitless access to all your critical business data from anywhere in the world, keep all your programs up to date and synchronize your operations across all divisions and employees.

How can Powered Management Services help my business grow?

It’s simple; PMS is a reliable, efficient and cutting-edge payroll and HRM solution that can be scaled to accommodate the needs of any organization, ranging from small businesses to multinational enterprises. Our platform streamlines all HR and payroll processes, eliminating a host of common problems that are often associated with HR and give it a reputation for being a very difficult issue to tackle. We beg to differ and empower our clients to overcome all HR challenges by leveraging cutting-edge technology, infused by our own expertise in HRM to promote business growth.

What makes Powered Management Services different from other managed services?

Instead of just offering a pre-determined, one-size-fits-all set of services, Powered Management Services focuses on researching what each client’s business needs are before coming up with a bespoke solution that’s perfectly suited to that client’s specific needs. That way, we manage to offer completely customer-centric services that are as efficient and cost-effective as they can, since they actually address each client’s individual problems and HR challenges, instead of just offering a canned solution.

Moreover, our approach means that our services are completely scalable, as they can be scaled down to accommodate a small startup, or scaled up to tackle the payroll and HR needs of a bustling, large-scale enterprise. By keeping our clients’ goals in mind, we can offer solutions that are simply above and beyond any other management service that is currently available in the market.

What operations can be streamlined through the Powered Management Services platform?

Our platform is immense and covers a wide range of payroll and HR management challenges. Some of the most prominent operations that can be streamlined through our platform include:

What are the differences between the Basic Package and the Premium Package?

Powered Management Services are available in two packages: the Basic and the Premium Package.

The Basic Package is suited for small businesses that need to sort out their HR and payroll management issues so they can continue growing in their respective markets. It offers a basic cloud functionality that allows clients to manage all related issues through our powerful cloud-based platform.

The Premium Package offers all the cloud functionality of the basic package, along with a host of powerful features that are perfect for any business that truly wants to leverage the power of technology to emerge on top. With our Premium Package your organization can boost effectiveness, avoid needless costs and synchronize all aspects of HR to promote business growth. The Premium Package comes with a host of cutting-edge reporting and notification features, cloud-powered printing and email functionality, digital creation of salary certificates, salary slips and more, as well as a number of FREE services that can really lift the burden off your team’s shoulders and empower them to work on business growth instead of being boggled down by the usual HR and payroll hassles.

What free services am I entitled to by purchasing the Premium Package?

On top of all the services above, business running Powered Management Services’ Premium Package also enjoy the following FREE benefits:

How do I access the Powered Management Services platform?

We offer our clients a simple yet completely secure method of accessing their business software and data from anywhere in the world and at any time during the day. Just log into our ultra-secure cloud-powered server through any browser and gain immediate access to all your business assets.

What if I lose my login ID?

We utilize several advanced security measures to ensure your data is always kept safe through the cloud. If in case you lose your login, you can simply get in touch with our customer support, provide the necessary information and retrieve your ID and password with no hassle.

How secure is my data?

Short answer: as secure as any data can be in the world.

One of the major reasons we developed Powered Management Services was to offer world-class security to organizations. To ensure ironclad security, your data is protected by sophisticated encryption algorithms and backed up 24/7 through highly advanced encrypted processes. Through our cutting-edge security features, there is virtually zero change of data loss, let alone data theft.

I need to order your services, how should I go about it?

Ordering our services is easy. Simply sign up with us and send in your requirements. Our customer representatives will come back to you right away and our sales executive will personally look into your case in order to devise an appropriate plan. That way, we ensure the provided solution meets your requirements to the fullest.