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A CRM system that allows you to manage your organization Payroll & HR related functions through your browser. It’s simple, cost effective and highly functional, giving your human resource management staff the power to easily manage employees’ Database.

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About Us

  • Maher Kaddoura
    CVO – Chief Visionary Officer

    With nearly twenty years of experience as a business leader, developer, and consultant for numerous financial services and products, Mr. Kaddourais an expert when it comes to innovation, motivation and creation in the field. He is the co-Founder of Waseela Equity and hasalso contributed to the creation of WPS laws in the UAE. He has a keen eye for effective solutions and through his career, he has handled various critical projects, excelling in designing, developing, and delivering successful technical and business solutions of all scopes to clients of all sizes.

Powered Management Services was created to be the single most reliable, efficient and cutting-edge payroll and human resources management solution for organizations of all size and scopes.

Founded by Maher Kaddoura, Powered Management Services is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your HR, Payroll, Accounting and CRM needs. Our platform is designed to efficiently handle everything from customer relationship management, internal and public HR issues, to payroll, expired document notifications, accidental insurance benefits and virtually any other HR challenge and problem that modern organizations encounter on a daily basis.

We have put together a team of experts with several decades of collective experience and have crafted a brutally efficient approach to solve all payroll and HR problems through the merging of cutting-edge technology with insightful expertise.

Today, Powered Management Services stands as the most reliable Payroll &HR management solution in the Middle East, offering numerous businesses an easy-to-use and ultra-modern CRM and HR management system. We specialize in creating all-round solutions that completely eliminate common as well as unusual payroll and HR issues through a singular, powerful, cloud-powered platform. Focused, innovative and client-centric, we are at your disposal from start to finish in order to help you realize your HR goals and boost business growth to new levels!


To ensure Payroll &HR management is safer, faster and more advanced than ever before in order to facilitate organizations to reach their utmost potential in the most cost effective manner.

We work diligently to ensure that you get the best HR and payroll management services in the world at the most affordable and competitive prices, without compromising quality for the sake of cost-efficiency alone. It is our own passion and personal goal to offer you functional, effective and easily implemented ideas that help as stepping-stones for you and your organization to grow and thrive.

When it comes to HR and payroll management innovations, once we’ve thought it, you’ve got it!


To provide organizations with a single-point of access for all their HRM needs, including but not limited to payroll functions, accounting packages and CRM systems.We specialize in conceptualizing and implementing tailor-made solutions to manage specific business needs and tackle hard business challenges that might prevent business growth. We aim to offer absolutely customer-centric services and build mutual trust through the dependability of our services.

Our vision is for our clients to realize that HR can be easily managed if done right. Our services are designed to support organizations of all sizes each step of the way towards success, by eliminating HR, payroll and other accounting problems in order to become a catalyst for growth.